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It’s a Little Witchy in Here…

I am so excited and have such a magickal feeling about me.  I know something big, exciting and wonderful is on it’s way! Have you ever felt that way?  Been so excited, but didn’t know why? _____________________________________ It is time to cultivate that feeling into reality, and I am going to do that through methods … Continue reading

Cook Up Some Magick

Even if you are not a witch*, you can still cook up some magick in your kitchen!  Here is a delicious recipe to conjure up your desires… Ingredients: 1 goal that you want to accomplish Foods that “match” your goal (more about this in the directions) Music that fits the goal you want to create … Continue reading


Just so you know – I prefer to use the spelling “Magick” over “Magic” because of the following reason: “Magic” conjures up visions of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or endless scarves from his sleeves. “Magick” implies true magic.  It is from the spirit of you.  It is calling upon whatever you draw … Continue reading