You still remember the ads you heard on the radio and TV when you were a kid, don’t you? Your whole life, you have been exposed to millions of unique ads; and each day you hear more and more.

There are still some ads and jingles that you still can recite by memory – good jingles get stuck in your head and you sing them even when you don’t realize you are doing it. When you unconsciously sing these jingles… guess where the first place you are going to go when you get a chance? That’s right – you will go to wherever the jingle instructs you to go to.

Having a jingle of your own, for your business or website, is one of the most important things you can do for marketing, and for your success. It’s about time you get one of your own.

I write music jingles for businesses and website owners. They are guaranteed to get stuck in the heads of your potential customers so they will come looking for you.

  • You can use them in radio and television
  • You can use them online
  • After you purchase a jingle from me, you can use them wherever you choose.

They can be as short as 5 seconds, and as long as 60 seconds in length. I will perform acoustic guitar, and vocals or a voice over on the jingle.

Your part is simple: I ask you provide all the detail including specific wording, slogans and anything else that you specifically would like to be in the jingle. This way – you know your customer will hear exactly what you want them to know.

Below is pricing (Calculated for creative services, recording the jingle, and time).

  • 5 to 20 seconds – $150
  • 20 to 45 seconds $330
  • 45 to 60 seconds $520

Here is some of my past work:    Jingles.


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