Me? A Witch? Not a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks.

So you’re not a witch.  That’s cool!  I’m not either… but yet I am 100%.

Confused?  I used to be too.  I studied witchcraft, Wicca and everything else that could possibly be involved.  I really really tried to get into it; but there were just some things that didn’t meld with my beliefs.  I put it out of my life, somewhat disappointed.

Years passed, more thinking took part on my behalf, and I came to realize…  I can be a witch!  I can be any kind of witch I want to be!  So, for me, I define witch as: me.  I know that I am magickal.  I know that I love to add some flair and mystery to who I am.  I realized that I can do this with being a witch.

I am a Me Witch.

So I am a witch, but probably not the kind of witch you imagine when you picture one in your head.  I am a witch of the mind.  I like to lean on the mystery and fun as tools to make things happen.

I encourage you to embrace the magick that you have within you.  EVERYBODY HAS IT.  If you want to call yourself a witch – then go for it!  If you don’t want to call yourself a witch – then don’t!

Here, at The Life Witch, all beliefs are encouraged, embraced and accepted.  It is each of our beliefs that will aid us in where we want to go.  I promise.


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