Cook Up Some Magick

Even if you are not a witch*, you can still cook up some magick in your kitchen!  Here is a delicious recipe to conjure up your desires…


1 goal that you want to accomplish
Foods that “match” your goal (more about this in the directions)
Music that fits the goal you want to create
A fun, all-knowing, magickal attitude


1. Decide upon a goal you want to accomplish.  For this example, we are going to pick the goal of a spicy night in the sack with your husband.
2. Pick some foods that match your goal.  For a saucy night with your man, you will want some foods that are hot and spicy, with vibrant, hot colors.  Maybe even foods that are seductive to eat.  I would pick Mexican food (spicy), and go with fajitas (can look downright naughty when you eat them – if you try).  I would cook with hot chile peppers, cumin, pepper, and add a special, magickal ingredient to the meat – perhaps just a pinch of sugar to make the “dessert” not only HOT but SWEET too.
3. While you are cooking, put on some music that matches your goal.  Allow your body to move to this music while you are cooking!  I would use some hot, Latino music – you know the kind – where you imagine hot, sweaty bodies dancing the night away with the sexual tension so strong between the dancers and you are expecting them to succumb to their desires at any moment…
4.  A fun, all-knowing, magickal attitude.  This is when you put on your proverbial witches hat, grab your magic wand (the wooden spoon), and feel that magick pouring from your spirit into that dish.  Imagine where this meal will take you.  See it.  Feel it.  Expect it.  Know that you are conjuring up the best magickal potion ever.  Cook it with a flair.  You OWN THAT DISH, you OWN THAT KITCHEN and you OWN THE OUTCOME!

Now, eat and enjoy… Reap your rewards, fellow witch. 🙂

* If you are not comfortable with the word “witch”, or being a “witch”, click here.  You fears or reservations will be put to rest.


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