Do you want your dreams, wishes or goals to manifest out of thin air?
You can do that with my help.

Do you want your dreams, wishes or goals to to manifest out of thin air in a way that feels perfect to you?
I can show you how.


I have been studying the power of your mind, the law of attraction (which is actually physics), and everything in between for the last 20 years.  I know why you are in the pickle you are in.  I know how to get to the root of your problem.  I know a plethora of different techniques that will get you where you want to be.


I have…

  • Cured myself of stage 4, cervical, pre-cancer.  (My doctor was confused.)
  • Helped my daughter cure herself of “certain” Chron’s disease in 11 days.  (The doctor was shocked.)
  • Helped a woman find her true happiness.  (She was/is elated and has since created many beautiful things.)
  • Cured debilitating anxiety – overnight.  (The client actually laughed again and felt hope for her health – knowing everything was okay.)
  • Helped a desperate family move from a desperate situation to one of leisure – literally.  (They became close friends and we work together on big ideas.)
  • Showed one man how his words & thoughts were literally destroying his life and helped him turn everything around.  (He is now the most positive man I know.)
  • And much, much more.

“The Life Witch helped me in a way which was amazing and has had a dramatic impact on my life. i was stuck and she helped me to move forward and to see more clearly where i had been sabotaging myself by creating things i didn’t want. she is empowering and accurate, uplifting and relevant. besides her very special talents and gifts, she is a lovely person who really cares and wants to help and that comes through very clearly; her empathy and understanding are very soothings and helpful. it’s a beautiful experience all round.” ~Nicolette

“Doing this consultation is like Personal Life Coaching in a new, unique, quick way. It was wonderful!” ~ Denise H.


The only way to work with me, one on one, is through a referral.  If you have not received a referral, you can still purchase a do-it-yourself option for $24. plus shipping of $4.95.  That makes it only $28.95 for your opportunity to create the life you desire.

You will receive, in your real-life mailbox, a booklet that will change your life… IF you follow the steps.  The booklet is short and to the point.  No fluff.  Just needed information that will change your life.

The booklet, “Magically Create Your Life”, contains:

  • A way to look at the situation you want to change in an honest and needed way.
  • A way to turn that situation around so you can create  exactly what you want.
  • Several methods to choose from to put into place in your life, right now, in order to lock-in what you want.

That is under $30 to have anything in the world that you want – to come true in your life.

Contact The Life Witch and I will send you a PayPal invoice so you can submit payment.

Check out why there are no automatic payments on this site.


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